Residents in Achong-Chong receive medications and school material from UNMISS peacekeepers

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Many patients in Achong-Chong showed up when UNMISS peacekeepers handed over medications. They also dropped of educational material at a school in the area.

24 Dec 2020

Residents in Achong-Chong receive medications and school material from UNMISS peacekeepers

Michael Wondi

Bangladeshi peacekeepers serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan have handed over an assortment of medicines and scholastic materials to citizens in the rural area of Achong-Chong in Western Bahr-el-Ghazal State.

“I have frequent bouts of malaria and we have no medicine in the health center here,” said Akok Deng, one of many relieved patients who received the drugs he needed.

Achong-Chong is approximately 27 kilometres northeast of the state’s capital Wau and lacks most basic services, including basic medications and clean drinking water.

“The visit of these peacekeepers and the things they are bringing are blessings for us. Many of us have been suffering from various diseases for a long time,” said Ayen Mabuong, a female patient.

Failed harvests due to too heavy rainfalls is one reason for the poor health of the residents of the area, according to Chief Majok Anyuon,

“Ruined crops mean that most of the people are now having a shortage of food. Their immune systems are low, and they attract a lot of diseases,” he said, adding that he wishes for the peacekeeping mission to support Achong-Chong on a regular basis.

The visiting peacekeepers also handed over a variety of much-needed educational material to the main school in the area.

“Our students struggle to learn as they don’t have the necessary textbooks and other items needed, so this is a welcome initiative,” said Marko Deng, the head teacher.

Colonel Mutahir Hossein, Commander of the Bangladeshi peacekeepers based in Wau, pledged continued support to people in need in the state, but also pointed out to the beneficiaries that supplies are not endless and that they need to make the most of what can be provided.

“I strongly encourage you to take your studies seriously to help create a better future for your country,” he said.