Revitalised Peace Agreement gives hope to war-affected population in Southern Unity

18 Oct 2018

Revitalised Peace Agreement gives hope to war-affected population in Southern Unity

Jacob Ruai

 “We are hoping that the new Peace Agreement will change the current political situation in the country, and that it will unite and reconcile the people of South Sudan” said Nyaroom Ruei, a women’s leader in Nyal, Panyjiar County, adding:

“With the deal, hopefully our children can go back to school and continue with their studies.”

Ms. Ruei was speaking at a Revitalized Peace Agreement dissemination workshop in Nyal in the Southern Unity region, in an area controlled by the opposition and inaccessible by road. More than 60 people, including traditional leaders, women’s representatives, youth, church leaders, military commanders and local authorities, attended the event.

Nyaroom Ruei pointed out that real implementation of the revitalized peace deal is key.

“Our leaders need to take this agreement seriously and should implement it in letter and spirit. We don’t need this deal to collapse again.”

Gatluak Biel Kueth, a community leader in Goak village, had a message to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the eight-country East African trade bloc which was involved in brokering the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

“It is high time for IGAD countries and peace monitors to make sure that the parties to the agreement show their commitment. If the parties fail to implement the deal this time, IGAD and the international community must take serious action against peace violators,” he said.

Simon Kuol Baliu, Deputy Commissioner of Panyijiar County, urged the people of South Sudan to put their differences aside and unite.

“We need to forget the past and move the country forward. Let us take this agreement seriously and let us show that we own it.”

The workshop was organized by the Communication and Public Information Section of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and also included a part to raise awareness of the mission’s mandate in the country.