Senior officers from organized security forces in Yambio acquire leadership and management skills

UNPOL officer makes a presentation during a leadership training workshop for law enforcement officers in Yambio

19 Nov 2019

Senior officers from organized security forces in Yambio acquire leadership and management skills

Phillip Mbugo

Officers from various organized security forces in Yambio have been equipped with knowledge to improve their leadership and management skills to better serve the people. 

The officers, 38 in total with seven of them being women, were drawn from the police, fire brigade, prisons and wildlife services.

“What I learnt is that you cannot just make a decision without consulting your supervisor or leader, because someone has to be responsible and accountable for the outcome of the decision,” said Corporal Paul Samuel, deputy crime officer in the Gbdue area, one of those who attended a five-day training organized by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

“After finishing this course, I’m going to impart my new knowledge to my colleagues who are not here,” he added.

Captain and corrections officer Poor Edward described the training as “unique”.

“It is not the first time I’m attending one of these workshops, but today, after completing this leadership and management exercise, I have better understood my role and what is a good and bad leader respectively,” she said, admitting that up till this point she had not been aware of the importance of handling people with care.

Captain Edward also made a broader point on gender equality.

“I am urging men to allow women, both those in uniform and civilians, to work hand in hand with them so that they can practice their skills when it comes to leading and managing staff together,” she said, adding that excluding women from such tasks will be harmful for society in general.

The course included group work and role-playing practice on how to be a good leader.

Moses Magoma, a UN police officer serving with the peacekeeping mission, said that the kind of training offered in Yambio will be extended to other parts of the region.