Sixth Governor’s Forum – Closing Session Statement by Mr. Nicholas Haysom Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMISS 30 November 2022

1 Dec 2022

Sixth Governor’s Forum – Closing Session Statement by Mr. Nicholas Haysom Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMISS 30 November 2022

President Salva Kiir Mayardit,

First Vice President of the Republic and all the Vice-Presidents

Rt. Honorable Speaker and Deputy Speakers,

State Governors and Administrators of Administrative Areas

Ministers and Deputy Ministers,

Members of Parliament and the Council of States,

Excellencies and distinguished guests,

  1. I am honoured by your invitation to share some concluding reflections on this week’s Governors Forum.

  2. First, I wish to congratulate the organizers for assembling a comprehensive agenda. It’s a reminder of how much work lies ahead as you strive to implement the Roadmap and establish a comprehensive governance framework.

  3. I want to acknowledge all participants governors, parliamentarians and ministers alike for the spirit of public debate, problem-solving, and mutual accountability in which you conducted this engagement. The very lively debates from the floor indicate the challenge of managing the interface between National and State levels of government, as well as managing the divergent interests of state government as between each other.

  4. Let me salute the efforts of the First Vice President, supported by the Vice President in charge of the Service Cluster, and the Minster of Presidential Affairs to steer the affairs of the Forum in this constructive manner.

  5. I want to express my gratitude to the governors and administrators who took the opportunity of their joint presence in Juba to brainstorm possible solutions to the inter-communal conflicts and violence affecting their states. I thank them for their political leadership and the mutual understanding which resulted in agreement on a way forward in each case as well as offer advice on how best the UN can assist government


  1. The Chief Administrator of Abyei and the newly appointed Governor of Warrap pledged to work together to address conflicts between the Ngok and Twic Dinka, and in the implementation of the existing ceasefire.

  2. The Governors of Upper Nile and Jonglei discussed the ongoing fighting between Kitgwang and Agwelek forces. There was strong consensus amongst the governors who shared the same concerns held by the international community regarding the development of this conflict. Both governors proffered solutions, some of which go beyond their own capacity to address. I am heartened that you, Mr President, will now be giving these destructive conflicts your attention.

  3. Finally, the Governors of Eastern Equatoria, Central Equatoria, and Jonglei demonstrated unity of purpose in discussing cross-border cattle migration challenges. Here, we support all relevant stakeholders to revisit the outcomes of September’s National Livestock Conference, and to provide the necessary political support for addressing root causes.

  4. What is clear from all this week’s exchanges is the value of direct dialogue and an honest appreciation of different views and perspectives. This underscores the imperative of working together in a search of a common ground.

  5. I would urge you to consider also the role that civil society organizations could play in strengthening the collective ownership and action on next steps, and in allowing their engagement with governance on the limitation and expectations of state government. This week, however, their voices were noticeably muted on a stage where inclusivity and diversity of views was otherwise the norm.

  6. In closing, this week’s forum is a reminder that good governance is a whole-of-society undertaking. It is built not only on a working relationship between the center and the periphery, the national and subnational, but also the promotion of democratic principles and political pluralism as its core. This is the responsibility of all levels of this Transitional Unity Government, including the Governors.

  7. Once again, let me congratulate you all on a successful Forum, which is now recognized as a central component of South Sudan’s nation-building project. With this sense of purpose and momentum, I would want to believe that follow-up and implementation of the resolutions you’ve agreed to this week is possible, as is the faithful and timely implementation of the Roadmap – which was this year’s theme. I reaffirm the continued support of the UN and the international community as you grapple with the challenges of implementing the Roadmap, and you consolidate South Sudan’s pathway to peace

Thank you.