South Korean media visit Jonglei

17 Jul 2013

South Korean media visit Jonglei

15 July 2013 - A South Korean media group today concluded a week-long visit to Bor, Jonglei State, where it researched the role of UNMISS' South Korean Engineering Unit as well as the mission in the region.

The media group, which arrived in the country on 8 July, was comprised of 18 journalists from 11 media agencies, including three major news and feature documentary channels, as well as Military Public Information Officers.

The group's coverage mainly focused on the South Korean Engineering Unit's rehabilitation and humanitarian operations tasked by UNMISS.

Unit activities included expansion of Bor airstrip's main parking area, construction of a waste disposal site at Apiir locality, maintenance of Bor's main road and medical assistance for Apiir residents.

Speaking with the Korean Engineering Unit during his recent visit to Bor, Herve Ladsous, Under-Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations, expressed hope that the unit would perform its mission successfully.

"The professionalism and commitment of the Korean Army would bring about the needed changes in South Sudan," he said.

According to the Korean Engineering Unit Public Information Office, the work of the media group will be broadcast on Korean TV, newspapers and internet from mid-July to early August.