South Sudan encouraged to cooperate with UNMISS

6 Oct 2016

South Sudan encouraged to cooperate with UNMISS

Machrine Birungi

The Assistant Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations, Mr. El Ghassim Wane, has underscored the need for the Government of South Sudan to avail full cooperation to UNMISS and the humanitarian communities, to enable them implement their mandate in support of the people of South Sudan.


Ghassim led a team of UN officials who arrived in South Sudan recently to undertake a strategic assessment of the United Nations engagement in South Sudan.


Speaking with Radio Miraya, Ghassim said the efficiency of the support the UN and its partners can extend, is highly dependent on the level of cooperation they receive from the South Sudan stakeholders.

“It is a point we have made to the South Sudanese interlocutors,” said Ghassim. He stressed the urgency of the deployment of the Regional Protection Force and efforts to ensure an inclusive implementation of the peace process.


“We are working to ensure that the deployment takes place as quickly as possible,” said Ghassim. He explained that the United Nations remains committed to help the people of South Sudan work closely with the Government and help end the crisis afflicting in this country.


“South Sudan has suffered so much, the people of South Sudan have suffered so much, it is high time for all South Sudan stakeholders to truly and genuinely commit themselves to an inclusive peace process to bring to an end the suffering faced by its people.”


Government has consented to the deployment of the regional Protection Force and Ghassim said the sooner the force is deployed the better.


“We believe the force will contribute to a better sense of security and helping create conditions for an inclusive implementation of the peace process,” he said.


The assistant Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations and his team held meetings with key stakeholders including the Government of South Sudan, UNMISS and the United Nations Country team.


The team will prepare a report providing a shared understanding of the situation on the ground and the core priorities to achieve peace in South Sudan.


Ghassim and his  team are expected to propose options for the United Nations engagement, which will in turn provide the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, recommendations to advise the Security Council on future engagements of UNMISS in South Sudan.