SRSG Nicholas Haysom visits military training center in Wau and awards medals to Bangladeshi peacekeepers

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On his recent visit to Wau, Nicholas Haysom, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMISS, visited a training site for South Sudanese military personnel, discussed key issues with state authorities and awarded medals to 848 peacekeepers from Bangladesh. Photo by Dawit K.Tedla/UNMISS.

18 Nov 2021

SRSG Nicholas Haysom visits military training center in Wau and awards medals to Bangladeshi peacekeepers

Dawit K. Tedla/Priyanka Chowdhury

WAU - This week, the United Nation’s top envoy in South Sudan, Nicholas Haysom, visited Western Bahr El Ghazal where he travelled to a training center for uniformed personnel in the state to examine issues and challenges faced by South Sudanese military officers at these centers and take efforts to help address them.

 “What was of particular interest to us was to visit the training center and to get a visual sense of what it’s like for the trainees and instructors at these training centers,” said the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of the peacekeeping mission, UNMISS.

“I must say the conditions are clearly inadequate. This is something that requires attention and we will be taking it up with our interlocuters in Juba,” he added

Another task on the Special Representative of the Secretary-General’s to-do list: To honor 848 Bangladeshi peacekeepers deployed in the region.

In this regard, Mr. Haysom attended a colorful and meaningful medal parade at the UNMISS headquarters in Wau where he pinned the prestigious UN medal on these committed and dedicated women and men who have served for peace.

 “The patrol efforts of our Bangladeshi peacekeepers have been instrumental in sustaining an environment of peace and security over the largest area of responsibility of any contingent in UNMISS spread over three states—Northern and Western Bahr El Ghazal and Warrap. This constitutes more than 27 per cent of the land mass of South Sudan,” stated SRSG Haysom while commending Blue Helmets for their service.

“Specifically, troops from Bangladesh have helped to deescalate tension and provide situational awareness in troubled areas such as Romich, Kacuat and Marial Lou, in greater Warrap. Additionally, the 10 temporary operating bases run by Bangladesh helped protect innocent civilians and provided much needed shelter for vulnerable populations,” he added.

Mr. Haysom also met with state authorities and urged them to work together to ensure security, stability and deliver essential services to citizens.