SSNPS urged to take lead in promotion of human rights

FPU commander in Bentiu Sylyia Adzo Sowlitze presents certificate to SSNPS in Bentiu.

6 Nov 2017

SSNPS urged to take lead in promotion of human rights

Luk Riek Nyak

The South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) has been urged to take the lead in the respect and promotion of human rights.

The issue was discussed at a recent training event organized by the UN Police field office in Bentiu on Trust and Confidence building between the Police and civilian communities. Some 105 police personnel, including 12 female officers, attended the two-day forum. 

Speaking to participants, the Head of the UNMISS field office in Bentiu, Hiroko Hirahara, called on the police to abide by the law and human rights norms and support the UN in fulfilling its mandate to protect civilians and build a durable peace.

“Our mandate goes beyond the protection of civilians in sites established by UNMISS,” Ms Hirahara said. “It includes protecting vulnerable people outside these POC sites and this cannot be achieved without the cooperation of the Police.”

One of the participants, Sergeant Kangach Kerbino Reath, said the training had helped her understand the importance of protecting civilians. “I have learned a lot of things which I was not aware of such as how to ensure people’s rights and giving them more respect; some of these issues are new to me and I have put them in my mind.” 

“This workshop is very helpful because it gives us more knowledge about how we can act in terms of human rights and what role we can play in the protection of civilians; it is our role as police. I will use this knowledge in my duty to protect South Sudanese citizens who are suffering” said Private Teresa Nyaluak Mayah.

UNPOL has been conducting number of discussion forums, training sessions and workshops in Bentiu to build the capacity of local police who bear the primary responsibility to protect civilians.