SSPS trained in criminal investigation

9 Nov 2011

SSPS trained in criminal investigation

4 November 2011 – Aiming to boost the skills of local police, UN Police and the South Sudan Police Service (SSPS) concluded a criminal investigation training workshop today in the Eastern Equatoria State capital of Torit.

The two-week session, which focused on criminal investigation techniques, riot control, human rights and other police skills, was attended by 39 SSPS Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers.

"We have leant basic skills of conducting interrogation, handling suspects, protecting victims and how we should observe and promote respect for the rule of law," said SSPS Private Ogwang Dominic. "We would like such ... training to continue, so that we can gain more knowledge and skills to do our job well."

Eastern Equatoria Deputy Commissioner Col. Bel Bilal Mamur, who officially closed the session, urged trainees to serve the community better with what they had gained. "You came from the community and the community expects you to serve them properly and professionally."

The deputy commissioner also noted that the number of current trainees was far below the state's requirement. "The current trainees will only cover Torit city. More training is needed at the county level to ensure quality services at all levels of the state."

CID Director Mark Onek Oywa stated that lack of funds was a major challenge in carrying out training sessions. "We brought participants into the training only from Torit city. We couldn't include trainees from the other counties because of lack of funds to pay their accommodation and food."

Mr. Oywa requested that UN agencies and other organizations extend their support in future to conduct similar trainings in other counties.

UNMISS State Coordinator Winnie Babihuga said that UNMISS was committed to support the new nation in various fields of capacity building, including police training, as maintaining law and order and ensuring respect for rule of law were among the country's key needs.

"The UNMISS UNPOL (UN Police) are here to assist you in every way," the state coordinator said. "You need to be committed to learn from them so that you can develop your capacity to serve your people."

The training was the first of its kind since the new mission began in July 2011. According to UNMISS Torit Police Training Coordinator Ahsan Palash, over 60 like workshops would be conducted this year and next. "UNPOL would like to continue similar training sessions in some remote areas."