Technology opens up new windows of opportunity for youth in Malakal

14 Aug 2019

Technology opens up new windows of opportunity for youth in Malakal

Nyang Touch

Youths in Malakal can flaunt new computer savoir thanks to a training made possible by the United Nations Mission is South Sudan (UNMISS).


“Learning how to use a keyboard to type my own words has given me more confidence to pursue my future endeavours,” said 24-year-old Naema James Koang, one of the participants. “Knowledge is our key to success, and I am encouraging every one of us to take advantage of such opportunities, particularly in light of this high-tech age we are living in,” she continued.


The two-week program, implemented by the peacekeeping mission’s Relief, Reintegration, and Protection section in cooperation with Indian battalion members, is geared toward enhancing employability of blooming young adults as a broader strategy towards supporting their eventual return to their communities of origin.


The first session of the program concluded this past Tuesday with an official ceremony, where 33 certificates were handed out to joyful recipients from the local protection of civilians site.


“It is important for these youths to be prepared to face the next phase of their lives,” said Keikura Seingah Braima, an UNMISS Relief, Reintegration and Protection Officer involved in the program. “This training will give them the future skills needed to be able to support themselves and their families,” he added.


“Now I am knowledgeable in different computer programs and have greater enthusiasm to continue growing and developing,” said Jokino Nyijak Kaiyuker, another awardee.