Torit police officers ready to combat crime in the rainy season with support from UNMISS

3 Jul 2019

Torit police officers ready to combat crime in the rainy season with support from UNMISS

Moses Yakudu

National police officers in Torit are back on the beat and keeping a close eye on crime clad in brand new uniforms and fresh from training provided by their counterparts serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

The police officers have been struggling to carry out their duties without wet weather clothing and equipment needed during the rainy season. So UNMISS police officers stepped in to help their counterparts by providing new t-shirts, gumboots, raincoats and torches to help them carry out their work safely and in some comfort.

The UN police team also provided week-long training to educate 20 senior police officers from across the region about issues such as human rights, the appropriate use of force, investigation techniques, child protection in armed conflict, supervisory techniques and gender mainstreaming.

“Not only did we receive training to help us carry out our duties, but we also received items that will help motivate us which is a huge support from the United Nations,” says Torit central police inspector, Keliopas Justin.

The 20 officers will share their new knowledge with colleagues further down the chain of command to help improve law and order structures and processes in the area.

“As head of my unit, I will share my knowledge about effectiveness and integrity at work with all other officers during morning parades,” says Gabriel Lubate, the director of the local child protection unit.

The training is part of an ongoing effort to improve the standard of policing across the country. The Torit police commissioner, Khamis Manzika Morjan, acknowledges that there is a lack of structure and clear understanding of police practices, national legislation and local bylaws which needs to be addressed so that all officers are aware of their responsibilities.

UNMISS will continue to provide training and mentoring of their South Sudanese counterparts so that, together, they can protect civilians and help build peace and prosperity for all communities.