Turalei IDPS need food, water and medicine, UNMISS team hears

22 May 2014

Turalei IDPS need food, water and medicine, UNMISS team hears

22 May 2014 - Living conditions were deteriorating at the internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Turalei, Warrap State, although food registration had begun, an UNMISS team visiting there learned today.

Some 6,000 people have registered as IDPs at the overcrowded Manangui camp, but authorities say registration is ongoing and the number of people living in the camp could now be higher than 11,000.

IDPs lamented a lack of clean drinking water, access to medicine and blankets as well as tents for sleeping. But despite difficult conditions, relations between IDP’s and their host community have been peaceful.

“What worries us in this camp is only lack of food,” said IDP representative Monica Aker Mading Aker. “There are no problems that come from outside. The host community is friendly.”

The World Food Programme (WFP) has been providing food assistance for IDPs who have registered, according to WFP representative Anthony Sabit. Others could still register with the Norwegian Refugee Council and International organization, which had offices inside the camp.

“For cases of those who missed registration, we can assure you that they will be responded to,” Mr. Sebit told UNMISS Warrap State Coordinator Abraham Onifade and a government delegation led by state Minister of Information and Telecommunication Paul Dhel Gum.

Warrap State Spokesperson Paul Dhel Gum said the government would protect and support all South Sudanese, regardless of ethnicity.

“We consider them first of all as human beings and as South Sudanese,” Mr. Gum said. “With these two identities you are qualified to have our services – our protection and our support as the government.”

Mr. Onifade urged the host community in Manangui to continue cooperating with IDPs, as it was vital to promote peace and unity among different groups to achieve stability in the country.