UN Mission initiates building of Joint Integrated Police post in Juba Checkpoint community

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By June this currently barren area at the Juba Checkpoint village will see the completion of an UNMISS-financed Joint Integrated Police post, aimed partially at making the area safe enough for displaced people to want to return to their homes.

9 Mar 2018

UN Mission initiates building of Joint Integrated Police post in Juba Checkpoint community

James Sokiri

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan has initiated the construction of a Joint Integrated Police post in the Checkpoint village of the Jebel Kujur area in the capital Juba. The purpose of building the facilities is to combat crimes and promote peace by enhancing law and order in the area.

Captain Willian Santino, the South Sudan National Police Service officer in charge of the area, says that the Joint Integrated Police post, to be used by both South Sudanese and UN Police, will add to the ongoing efforts his government are making to achieve durable peace and security in the village.

“We do not have a police post in the area, and when we arrest suspects, we have to take them all along to Munuki for safe custody. I do hope that this post will now help the civilians who are afraid to return to their homes for fear of insecurity to do so soon,” said Mr. Santino.

Lauro Okello Ohiyu, an UNMISS Relief, Reintegration and Protection Officer at the Mission’s Juba Field Office, explains that the Quick Impact Project is in line with the Mission’s mandate of providing a conducive environment for the safe and unhindered return of refugees and internally displaced persons.

Hanan Sebit, a Project Officer of Women Aid Vision and the person in charge of the implementation of the project, said that the completion of the construction work will relieve the police officers from the yoke of working in the open and enable the timely arrest of suspects.

The area chief, Joseph Akol Machar, believes that the installation of the police post would help curb cases of petty crimes, including thefts, fights and other forms of felonies prevalent in the area.

“We are visiting, interacting and working with the SSNPS everyday here, giving them the advice necessary for them to carry out effectively their police obligations effectively,” said Dag Asle Ljoelstad, the UN Mission’s Acting Deputy Protection of Civilians Coordinator.

The building block, which is expected to be completed in June, will consist of four offices and a toilet. One of the rooms will be a specialized Women’s Desk to ease the handling of gender-related issues within the police station.