UN peacekeepers provide urgently needed medical services to population in Leer

UN peacekeepers provide urgently needed medical services to population in Leer South Sudan

Dr. Bny Agyiri is part of the Ghanaian Battalion (GHANBATT) based in Leer. So far, Dr. Agyiri has delivered 35 babies, with a 100 per cent survival rate, in an area with no other health facilities.

27 Mar 2017

UN peacekeepers provide urgently needed medical services to population in Leer

Jacob Ruai/Amanda Voisard

Ghanaian peacekeeping troops (GHANBATT) serving under the UN Mission in South Sudan are providing desperately needed medical services to the local population in Leer County in Southern Unity state.

Health facilities in the region have been subject to looting during the on-going conflict.  In addition, several local health partners were evacuated, leaving the county without a functioning health facility to provide basic services.

These dire circumstances made UN peacekeepers step in to lend aid to pregnant women suffering complications during delivery at the clinic in Leer.

Dr. Bny Agyiri, a physician with the Ghanaian battalion operating at the temporary base, explained their activities in the county. 

“Personally, as a peacekeeper, it is very sad to see people dying when you can provide medical health care to them or when you can assist them as a medical doctor. Currently in Leer, there is no hospital, clinic or health post at the moment and GHANBATT has taken it upon themselves to help these people,” he said.

Dr. Agyiri said he has personally delivered 35 newborns with a 100 per cent survival rate.

“I want to let people know that we are here for them and that they shouldn’t hesitate to call on us at any time if it is an emergency,” he said.



Mary Nyadeng, 36, whom experienced complications during her delivery, was appreciative of the aid the peacekeepers at the medical clinic provided. 

“The UN did something very good for us all who delivered here.  Like me, I was given drips and drugs in the UN clinic. I am very pleased about that. Many thanks to the UN peacekeepers for saving my life and my child’s. My baby is now healthy and growing very well,” Nyadeng said and added:

“I want this hospital to be upgraded so that the peacekeepers can continue helping us.”

Another patient, 26-year-old Maria Nyarick, also commented on GHANBATT’s aid,

“We are happy with the UN Peacekeepers because they have assisted us during our problems and they are still standing with us today. I have much appreciation for the great job they are doing.  They are protecting us and at the same time they are providing us with medical services.”