UN peacekeepers revamp local broadcasting station in Wau with donation of electronics

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Some brand new studio equipment handed over by Bangladeshi peacekeepers should boost productivity at SSBC in Wau.

29 Nov 2019

UN peacekeepers revamp local broadcasting station in Wau with donation of electronics

Alahayi Nemaya

Bangladeshi peacekeepers serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan in Wau are reigning in the Christmas spirit early this year with a donation of brand new electronics presented to the South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) this week.

“Our hearts are always with the people of South Sudan. This is a humble effort on behalf of our nation to help the station,’’ said Colonel Motaher Hossain, commander of the Bangladeshi battalion.

Among the goodies were a brand-new desktop, microphone, voice recorder, video camera and printer, handed over to station staff and members of the local ministry of information during a jovial ceremony held at SSBC.

The donation is expected to greatly boost the activities of the station, replenishing the outdated technology it has been utilizing after being ransacked during conflict-related vandalism in 2016. 

“The new equipment will help expand our coverage to a greater audience,’’ said Valentino Majok Majok, a political advisor to the governor of Wau and the guest of honour on the day. 

Although a promising start for the small government-run station, it still faces challenges hiring qualified staff to really get its operations soaring.

“Our current employees are not computer literate. We lost most of our skilled workers to international organizations or private radio stations, where higher salaries are offered,’’ said Awadia Yacoub, local minister of information.

Once current staff get the hang of it, however, loyal listeners should be able to enjoy a much better sound quality when their favourite Christmas carols are being played, journalist Alor Deng hinted.

“We did not have a computer, so up till now we have been playing music from our phones.”