UN peacekeepers in Upper Nile treat cattle and educate owners

16 Jan 2018

UN peacekeepers in Upper Nile treat cattle and educate owners

Janet Adongo

UN peacekeepers from the Indian battalion based in Malakal have provided urgent veterinary assistance to livestock owners in Akoka, some sixty-five kilometres north-east of the state capital.

During the camp, livestock owners were educated on common cattle diseases prevalent in the area and on various preventive measures that can be adopted to ensure better animal health. Proactive advice on better management and breeding practices to further improve health, hygiene and productivity were also part of the robust two-day veterinary camp. More efficient cattle-keeping will contribute to food security and durable peace.

The visit by the Indian veterinarians was highly successful and well received by the host community, and presumably by their four-legged assets as well. In total, more than 500 animals were examined, dewormed and treated for a variety of current health issues. Essential minerals, calcium and other nutritious food supplements were also generously distributed to those in need.

The veterinarians are part of a robust and attentive Indian presence in the Upper Nile area. The Indian contingent also includes engineers currently carrying out repairs on the 205-kilometre long main supply route between Malakal and Melut, reinforcincing the vital efforts of the UNMISS to ensure a durable peace in the country.

Residents in Akoka have already benefitted greatly from the nimble Indian engineering work. Until last week, the good people of Akoka were virtually cut off from Malakal as heavy rains in June last year completely destroyed a vital bridge. Taking on the elements, including rather deep water, the engineering company managed to rebuild the 300-metre-long lifeline of the local community.