UNMISS accommodating 4,500 new IDPs in Malakal

10 Apr 2015

UNMISS accommodating 4,500 new IDPs in Malakal

10 April 2015 - Following recent conflict in the area, UNMISS in Malakal, Upper Nile State, has received an influx of 4,500 people at its Protection of Civilians (PoC) site.

The new internally displaced persons (IDPs) appeared following clashes between the Dinka and Shilluk ethnic groups in the Fashoda-Akoka areas, according to UNMISS State Coordinator Hastings Amurani Phiri.

“This may influence clashes again in Malakal town between Dinka and Shilluk and it has raised a lot of panic and apprehension among the civilians,” said Mr. Phiri.

UNMISS had beefed up security at the PoC site and was working closely with UN agencies to provide humanitarian assistance to the new IDPS, who were mainly women and children, he said.

It was also speeding up construction of a new PoC extension, which would accommodate more than 10,000 IDPs. Relocation of new arrivals and other IDPs was expected to begin the middle of next week.

Despite efforts of agencies to provide services to the new arrivals, some have complained they are insufficient.

“We appeal to the United Nations and its partners to provide us with sufficient water and health services because those are the challenges we are facing as of now,” said new IDP Miabil Deng Nyankuach.

The increase in IDPs at UNMISS Malakal by 4,500 has pushed its total displaced population to over 26,000.