UNMISS and South Sudan police establish joint security coordination centre in Bor

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UN and national police officers in a meeting at the inauguration of a new joint security coordination centre in Bor.

20 Jan 2021

UNMISS and South Sudan police establish joint security coordination centre in Bor

Mach Samuel

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan and the South Sudan National Police Service have established a joint security coordination centre in Bor in Jonglei State.

Officers from both the national police and the peacekeeping mission will use the Pakwau Police Station, located some 500 metres from the Bor camp for internally displaced persons as a base to coordinate their activities, including their response to cases of sexual and gender-based violence.

“South Sudan national police shall bear the responsibility for maintaining the safety and security of the displaced persons within the camp. We will maintain law and order and respect the mandate of the peacekeepers and the activities of organizations who operate here,” says Lieutenant Akech Mapiou, the focal point for the national police in Bor, referring to all the continuing and ongoing humanitarian assistance offered to the approximately 2,000 internally displaced persons residing in the camp.

An agreement between the two police forces state that joint, coordinated patrols will be undertaken daily, and frequent meetings for information-sharing will be held. Search operations, arrests and addressing any public disorder within the camp will, however, be the responsibility of the national police. In the meantime, UN police continue to conduct their own patrols in areas adjacent to the camp, in line with the peacekeeping mission’s mandate to protect civilians across the country.      

Increased and closer cooperation between the national and UN police is expected benefit all parties.

“Our joint meetings will create a bridge between us and allow us to coordinate how to react in specific situations.” said Mykola Liashenko, coordinator of the UN police officers, UNPOLs, based in Bor.

To support the work of the national police, the peacekeeping mission maintains two quick response teams, one consisting of police officers and the other by military, who can assist in dealing with any major situations or security incidents taking place inside the camp of the internally displaced persons.