UNMISS boosts COVID-19 resilience in Warrap by handing over cars and isolation centre

UNMISS boosts COVID-19 resilience in Warrap by handing over cars and an isolation centre

Comfy beds, plenty of space and solar-powered lights await possible COVID-19 patients at the new isolation centre in Mayen-Gumel, Warrap State.

11 Jul 2020

UNMISS boosts COVID-19 resilience in Warrap by handing over cars and isolation centre

Manyang Mayom

By handing over two cars and assisting in creating a dedicated isolation centre for patients with COVID-19, the Kuajok Field Office of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has strengthened the infrastructure of the Warrap State task force leading the battle against the pandemic in the region.

“These vehicles do not belong to a particular county but will be used to serve the people of the entire Warrap State,” commented a grateful Albino Akol Thony, Secretary-General of the now defunct Gogrial State.

And there was more to come: a 20-bed isolation centre located in Mayen-Gumel, possible to power by solar energy and a generator alike, thus making it possible to keep the place operative 24 hours a day. The special ward came fully equipped with beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows and tables – and with a couple of chairs to boot. And while nobody will want to actually need the services of this stellar facility, those unfortunate to end up here can take comfort in the promise made by the World Food Programme to provide patients with nutritional support.

Mary Akuol, resident of Mayen-Gumel expressed her happiness to UNMISS for having installed the facilities with needy item such as beds and mattresses. “This is very good. I feel comfortable just seeing these beds and these lamps inside the centre. These features are treatment to our community and future patients in their own right,” said local resident Mary Akuol, whose joy was mirrored by the merry dancing of a group of women and children at the handover ceremony.

Geng Madut, a traditional chief in Mayen-Gumel, was equally full of praise and recalled that his community has already benefitted from the Quick Impact Projects implemented by the peacekeeping mission, including a primary school.

Anastasie Nyirigira Nyirigira, an UNMISS representative, used the solemn yet joyous occasion to urge local authorities to keep repeating key messages on COVID-19 prevention, such as frequent hand washing and social distancing, to the citizens of Warrap State.

Peacekeepers based in Kuajok have previously assisted residents in the region by installing three hand washing stations and donating personal protective equipment to local authorities.