UNMISS completes emergency repair of crucial road in Bor town

unmiss south sudan bor jonglei road repair

UNMISS engineers doing what they do best: repairing an important road, this time in flood-stricken Bor.

28 Sep 2020

UNMISS completes emergency repair of crucial road in Bor town

Mach Samuel

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan has completed emergency road repair work between the Bor Airport and the Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology.

The South Korean engineering contingent serving with the peacekeeping mission made it possible for vehicle traffic to resume on this 2.2 kilometre-long stretch of road, which had been badly damaged by torrential rain.

“Repairing it took the use of some heavy equipment which the state government doesn’t have, such as a bulldozer and a blade grader, and 20 skilled engineers, who removed bumps, cleared drainage channels and levelled the road,” said removed bumps from the main 2.2-kilometer road that was damaged after the rain, cleared drainage channels, and carried out road leveling and pledge work,” said Colonel Choi Jaeyoung, in charge of the operation.

Local authorities were quick to express their appreciation of the assistance provided.

“Enabling free movement by road reconstructing roads is one of the peacekeeping mission’s great achievements. It boosts the economy by allowing people and goods to move around quickly and safely, which also reduces crime,”, commented Mabior Atem Mabior, Secretary General of the Jonglei State Government.

Any improvements when it comes to roads and free movement are welcome indeed, since Bor town has been flooded for some time. Half of its population has been displaced to higher ground, sheltering in schools and other public facilities. Residents are currently seen using canoes to transport themselves around town. For long-distance travel, the airport remains operational.