UNMISS conducts community outreach activity in Abinajok

UNMISS conducts community outreach activity at Abinajok South Sudan water facilities seeds

UNMISS conducting a community outreach activity in Abinajok district.

17 Feb 2017

UNMISS conducts community outreach activity in Abinajok

Peter Ariik Kuol

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) yesterday carried out an integrated outreach event with the community in Abinajok payam (district) to discuss the UNMISS mandate, conflict management and human various rights issues.

The UNMISS representative Mr. John Oziekbe applauded the community for maintaining peace and for cooperating with the police to apprehend criminals in the area also reiterated the impartiality of the UN peacekeeping mission.

“Let me make it very clear that UNMISS is here in South Sudan to serve and to help the people of South Sudan and that UNMISS strongly bases its work on principles of non-discrimination and believe in treating everyone equally. As you keep a peaceful environment, services will come to you,” Oziekbe said.

One participant at the event, Ms. Asunta Apanda Ngor, appealed for assistance in providing water facilities and seeds to the community.

“I would like to ask UNMISS to talk with relevant humanitarian organizations to help the people of Abinajok with water and seeds. Once there is enough water, my fellow women can grow vegetables to earn a living and enough to pay school fees for their children. If that happens our people will not face conflict and hunger”.

Cases of women fighting over a limited number of water points in the district have recently been reported.