UNMISS donates 15 culverts to enhance drainage systems in Bor

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Culverts donated by the peacekeeping mission will enhance drainage system in Bor.

11 Sep 2019

UNMISS donates 15 culverts to enhance drainage systems in Bor

David Majur Awuou

The United Nations Mission South Sudan (UNMISS) has handed over 15 culverts to the mayor of Bor to help fortify the town’s flood drainage systems.

“This initiative demonstrates excellent cooperation between the peacekeeping mission and local authorities in bolstering recovery mechanisms and development in the community,” said Deborah Schein, Head of the peacekeeping mission’s Field Office in Bor, adding that the support marks another step in moving away from what until recently has been mostly emergency assistance.

For residents who regularly face flooding during the rainy seasons, an improved drainage system would represent a quantifiable shift in their quality of life.

“I am thankful to UNMISS for their donation. It has given me greater security and hope for the next time floodwaters come around,” said John Jok, a Bor resident whose home was flooded a month ago.

Engineers from the peacekeeping mission’s South Korean military contingent delivered the culverts to the mayor of Bor at a ceremony earlier this week.

“We are happy to use our resources to contribute to improving overall conditions in town,” said Colonel Jae Yong Choi Col, the South Korean Battalion Commanding Officer.

At the ceremony, Bor Mayor Dr. Mach Majier said the culverts provide a more effective alternative to digging water channels, the more labor-intensive method previously employed.

“Due to the topography of the roads in Bor, excess water is not able to drain freely, resulting in blockages of critical routes, such as the one leading from the main hospital to Tibek,” Majier said at the ceremony. “I am grateful for this support. It means a lot to our people.”