UNMISS engineers rehabilitate Aweil infrastructure

2 Sep 2013

UNMISS engineers rehabilitate Aweil infrastructure

1 September 2013 - UNMISS Chinese Military engineers deployed to Northern Bahr El-Ghazal State were determined to improve airstrip infrastructure in the state capital Aweil, the detachment's commander said today.

"No obstacle is formidable. No difficulty is insurmountable," said Lt Col Li Qingfeng, Commander of the Chinese Horizontal Military Engineer Company. "We have the determination, confidence and ability to complete the task."

As they traveled to Aweil, the 35 engineers re-deployed from the Western Bahr El-Ghazal capital Wau on 30 August repaired the road between the two capitals, which had been seriously damaged by heavy rains. The detachment covered the 136 kilometers in 10 and a half hours.

In Aweil, the engineers will rehabilitate a two-kilometer access road to the airstrip, build a new apron for UNMISS aircraft and maintain the runway.

UNMISS Chief Engineer Johannes Dreyer said the project was a mission priority.