UNMISS hands over antibacterial soaps and hand washing buckets to support Eastern Equatorian communities

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Soap, buckets and people wearing masks were all part of the scene as UNMISS donated COVID-19 material to local authorities in Torit.

24 Aug 2020

UNMISS hands over antibacterial soaps and hand washing buckets to support Eastern Equatorian communities

Yakudu Moses

If you find yourself with less than squeaky clean hands in Eastern Equatoria, there may be no better time than now to receive antibacterial soap and possibly also a bucket ideal for hand washing.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan has recently handed over some 1,500 soaps and 70 buckets to the COVID-19 task force in Eastern Equatoria State, hence making it easier for people to follow recommended hygiene guidelines, preferably while also maintaining adequate physical distance between themselves.

“I have been hearing the instructions about washing hands with soap and clean water, but I have only been able to do so when I go to clinics. I would be thankful if the UN, via our state task force, could give me one water bucket to help protect myself and my children,” said Iduho Nora Clement, a nemophilist and mother of five.

The chairperson of the state’s COVID-19 task force committee, Elijio Omoro Tahir, was over the moon upon receipt of the hygiene-promoting equipment, saying that he has been approached by many people asking for such assistance.

“I think this supply we have received today is going to meet at least some of the demand,” he said.

The peacekeeping mission is planning a similar donation to local authorities in Kapoeta. Its field office in Torit will also continue to hand out face masks when and where possible, as well as supporting the ongoing COVID-19 prevention awareness campaign in the state as best it can.

“Our assistance will reduce the risk of contracting the disease. Together with the government and the people of South Sudan we can make the country free from the Coronavirus – if we all follow the guidelines,” said Anthony Nwapa, a representative of the peacekeeping mission’s field office in Eastern Equatoria.

Distribution of COVID-19 information material in different languages, the donation of ambulances and the repurposing of the maternity ward of the Torit hospital into an isolation centre are other examples of health-promoting initiatives undertaken by the UN in the state.