UNMISS hands over motorbikes to South Sudan national police services

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This motorbike, still wrapped in plastic, and nine others will help police in Jonglei do a better job.

23 Sep 2020

UNMISS hands over motorbikes to South Sudan national police services

Mach Samuel

The South Sudan National Police Services in Greater Jonglei have received ten motorbikes from the United Nations Mission in South Sudan to improve their mobility and hence ability to protect civilians. The vehicles were donated to the peacekeeping mission by the South Korean government.

“I can hardly believe it that I will no longer have to walk seven kilometres from my home to the police station. Some of my colleagues are used to walking even longer distances, as they first need to report at the station before continuing to the Pakwa police post. These motorbikes are great,” said Akech Mapiou, the police coordinator in Jonglei State at the donation ceremony.

Local police officers think that motorcycles are quicker and more manoeuvrable than their few available cars when it comes to prevent incidents of gender-based violence or arrest suspects of such acts.

Five of the motorized two-wheelers were handed over to the police in Bor, while their colleagues in Akobo and Pibor received three and two vehicles each.

Gilbert Nantsa, the UNMISS Protection of Civilians advisor in Bor, is confident that the motorbikes will make a real difference.

“Time is crucial when responding to issues related to the protection of people in need. With more and quicker wheels at their disposal, the police officers will be able to respond quicker and more often,” he said.

In 2017, the South Sudan National Police Services received a similar donation of motorbikes from the government of South Korea.