UNMISS hands over new offices to legal administration in Jonglei State

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A new office building for the legal administration in Jonglei State has been financed and handed over by UNMISS. Photo: David Majur Awuou/UNMISS

23 Apr 2021

UNMISS hands over new offices to legal administration in Jonglei State

David Majur Awuou

Justice delayed is justice denied, the saying goes. Legal administrators in Jonglei State have recently been given much-improved conditions for speedier processing of pending cases, as the UN Mission in South Sudan has handed over a new office building to them.

“The legal system in this state has become visible thanks to the support of the peacekeeping mission, and this facility is among the key achievements”, said traditional Chief Malual Mabur at the ceremony to mark the occasion.

Several law practitioners praised the good relations between the UN and the state government, including legal advisor Diing Akol Diing, the guest of honour on the day.

“It is the fine understanding between the Mission and the government of Jonglei that has resulted in the delivery of a number of quick impact projects that will enhance community and state administrative procedures,” he stated.

Mr. Diing referred to a number of other initiatives supported by the peacekeeping mission, including two police stations, a youth centre, a COVID-19 critical care centre, an out-patient part at the Bor hospital and two vocational centres for women.

“This new building gives us proper space to work in an appropriate atmosphere. Our old place was made of corrugated iron sheets and would always get unbearably hot,” said an official at the Jonglei State legal department.

Speciose Mbacunira, a Human Rights Officer serving with the peacekeeping mission, explained the rationale behind financing the project.

“The timely delivery of justice is key, and by improving the working conditions of state prosecutors and others we believe that this objective will be achieved.”