UNMISS hands over nine bus-stop shelters in Juba as a gesture of goodwill

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Nine bus stop shelters across South Sudan's busy capital city, Juba, will now shelter regular commuters from inclement weather. These were handed over by UNMISS as a goodwill gesture on 9 July 2021. Photo by James Sokiri/UNMISS.

12 Jul 2021

UNMISS hands over nine bus-stop shelters in Juba as a gesture of goodwill

James Sokiri

As South Sudan commemorated its 10th anniversary of independence on 9 July 2021, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) joined hands with Juba City Council to install bus-stop shelters across numerous thoroughfares in the capital city of Juba.

The nine shelters are designed to protect regular commuters across the city from inclement weather as they travel to various locations.

29-year-old commuter, Joy Ropani was enthusiastic about the handover. “I am delighted with this UNMISS project because these shelters will help protect us from heavy downpours and winds as we wait to board taxis or buses to our next destinations,” said Joy. “With the strong heat in Juba, standing in the sun for an hour or so is not easy, but now we will be comfortable.”

While wishing the people of South Sudan a happy independence day, Joy urged the country’s leaders to restore peace and stability for the citizens to enjoy the peace dividends and development.

“If there is peace and security,” she emphasized, “we can focus on economic development and recovery, instead of conflict. Development follows peace.”

The 10-year anniversary enables the South Sudanese people, the government, as well as regional and international partners to take stock of the difficulties the country has faced in the past decade, the gains it has achieved so far and inject renewed impetus towards implementing the Revitalised Peace Agreement fully.

“The people of South Sudan deserve to enjoy the peace and prosperity that they long fought so hard for when they won independence a decade ago,” stated Geetha Pious, Head of the UNMISS Field Office in Juba, speaking at the handover.

Ms. Pious added that that the peacekeeping mission will continue working with the people of South Sudan to protect civilians, build durable peace and support recovery and development. She, however, advised the people of South Sudan to own the peace process.

For his part, Sarafalldin Augustino, deputy director of Munuki Block Council, said that the shelters would further help bolster the “Keep Juba Clean” campaign, advising that more such structures should be built in other locations to help give additional shape to the ever-expanding capital city.