UNMISS organizes a cleaning campaign for Renk Civil Hospital to secure a healthier environment

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A clean hospital is a good hospital. UNMISS and partners made it all happen in Renk, Upper Nile State. Photos by Samuel Adwok/UNMISS.

8 Sep 2023

UNMISS organizes a cleaning campaign for Renk Civil Hospital to secure a healthier environment

Samuel Adwok

UPPER NILE – As the saying goes, “a clean place is a safe place”. Good hygiene leads to better health, with people leading longer lives in prime conditions.

With that in mind and under the theme “Social cohesion through cleaning”, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), in collaboration with local authorities and the town’s Women’s Union, conducted a clean-up campaign at Renk Civil Hospital, with hundreds of citizens joining in the wholesome fun.

“We are here to join hands with the UN peacekeeping mission in removing grass and wild trees that pose a threat to both patients, especially those in critical conditions, and caregivers. Good sanitation must be a priority in a hospital area,” said Maria Ajak, Chairlady of the Women’s Union.

Dr. William John, Acting Director of the hospital, explained that keeping the facilities clean is more challenging than one would think.

“We are facing difficulties in terms of manpower and employees lacking motivation because of their low and often delayed salaries. Today, our partners supported us, but it is our duty to take care of this place and maintain a safe and sane environment,” he said.

The initiative attracted different institutions, including schools and local non-governmental organizations, who showed both themselves and community members what is possible when working together.

“We are hoping to extend this activity to include residential areas in Renk town as they are crowded because of the recent influx of people fleeing from the ongoing violence in Sudan. Cleanliness and good hygiene are essential to make sure that infections and other diseases are not spread,” said Kak Padiet Kak, Commissioner of Renk County, adding that cases of measles have been reported.

As the successful operation came to an end, Natheir Alwamleh, a Civil Affairs Officer serving with UNMISS, thanked the many participants.

“It is with everyone’s involvement that this programme could take place and serve as an example of what is possible when action is collective.”