UNMISS peacekeepers from Bangladesh vaccinate hundreds of cattle, raise COVID-19 awareness in Wau

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UNMISS peacekeepers from Bangladesh vaccinate livestock and distribute hygiene kits among local communities in Wau to ensure the safety of people and their animals during COVID-19.

23 Jul 2020

UNMISS peacekeepers from Bangladesh vaccinate hundreds of cattle, raise COVID-19 awareness in Wau

Ludanga Jimmy

Cattle rearing is a source of livelihood for many communities across South Sudan. Recognizing the economic importance of livestock for local populations in Wau, UNMISS peacekeepers from Bangladesh recently organized a free veterinary vaccination camp to ensure that cattle farmers have healthy animals.

What’s more, the peacekeepers used this opportunity to conduct a sensitization session on COVID-19 and handed over hygiene kits to local populations.

The initiative was much appreciated by local cattle owners such as Veronica Ayen. A single mother, Veronica believes that having healthy livestock will directly contribute to the wellbeing of her family. “I don’t have a lot of animals, only some 13 cows and 20 goats, some of which died. Because of the vaccinations provided by UNMISS peacekeepers, I am reassured that they will remain healthy in future and my children can drink fresh milk regularly,” she said.

A community leader from the Majok area, Roben Mafor Majak, pointed out the challenges being faced by people living in the region. “We suffer from lack of clean, potable water, proper shelter and shortages of food. In such conditions, we are even more dependent on our livestock for basic nourishment. We are fortunate that UNMISS is helping us protect our animals and also teaching us how to stay safe from COVID-19,” he opined.

For his part Colonel Motaher Hussein, Commander of the Bangladeshi contingent based in Wau, helping host communities is part of a peacekeeper’s duty. “We are here to serve the people of South Sudan, especially at a critical time like this when the entire world is battling the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic,” said Colonel Hussein. “The women and men from Bangladesh under my command, including our veterinary doctors, have, therefore, consistently worked for the welfare of local communities. Now, more than ever, they need us to ensure that we do everything in our capacity to make sure they are safe and capable of taking care of their families,” he added.