UNMISS Police Commissioner Reaffirms Commitment to Supporting Local Law Enforcement Authorities in Torit

1 Aug 2018

UNMISS Police Commissioner Reaffirms Commitment to Supporting Local Law Enforcement Authorities in Torit

Leni Kinzli & James Okello

The Police Commissioner of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has reaffirmed the commitment of the UN Police’s role in supporting the South Sudan National Police (SSNPS) in Torit. Her visit to the area aimed to assess the needs of the local community and foster collaborative relationships between UN Police and the SSNPS to address common challenges and improve security.

“Our primary responsibility is to protect civilians. We are here to complement the role of the SSNPS and understand how the UNPOL Team in Torit can better support you,” UNMISS Police Commissioner, Unamisi Vuniwaqa, stated, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between UN Police and SSNPS to protect civilians.

The team of UN Police in Torit regularly conducts Police Community Relations Committee meetings, Crime Prevention Awareness programs, school outreach programs, and sensitization workshops on Gender-Based Violence in the Eastern Equatoria Region. In collaboration with local law enforcement authorities, UN Police have organized over 50 activities across Torit and Kapoeta State since February of this year.

During his meeting with the UNMISS Police Commissioner, Torit State Police Commissioner Brigadier Khamis Musika Morjan attributed the improved security situation to the joint efforts of the UN Police and local authorities. 

“UNPOL achievements include conducting monthly Police Community Relations Committee meetings and workshops on Gender-Based Violence. Generally, the security situation has calmed because we have a joint security strategy,”  he explained.  

Community members have particularly noted the improvement in security as a result of Police Community Relation Committee Meetings. These meetings bring together local communities from residential areas within Torit town and SSNPS to strengthen their understanding of reporting and investigating crimes, cases of gender-based violence, and human rights violations.

“The formation of community policing committees has reduced the rate of crime in residential areas of Torit. We have witnessed a reduction in crime when we followed the advice UN Police gave us during these meetings,” Jackson Lino Oromo, a community member of Hai Illuhum in Torit, said following a meeting there last week.

The renewed commitment of the UNMISS Police Commissioner to work hand in hand with the SSNPS will continue to help South Sudanese build a durable peace. When it comes to tackling crime, support from UN Police brings a beacon of hope to the people of Torit that crime rates will continue to drop.