UNMISS road maintenance work from Yambio to Jambo making great headway

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Road being robustly fixed by nimble UNMISS peacekeepers from Bangladesh.

22 Feb 2019

UNMISS road maintenance work from Yambio to Jambo making great headway

Phillip Mbugo

The flow of traffic between Yambio and Mundri has increased over the past few weeks as Bangladeshi peacekeepers serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan continue with much-needed road repairs. 

Some 100 kilometres have been restored to an acceptable standard since early January, with the remaining stretch set to be completed at some point in April.

The Chief the Bangladeshi Engineering Unit, Major Ajiat Thapa, is happy with the steady progress being made.

“The road maintenance work is going very smoothly, mainly because the people here are very friendly and always support us in all the ways possible,” he says, explaining that such assistance include bringing water to the road workers.

James Bidal, who frequently drives between Yambio and Juba, praises the efforts to repair the road.

“I would like to thank UNMISS for this initiative, which has made it easier for me to drive to the capital. Now it takes two days instead of four,” Mr. Bidal reveals, perhaps falling for the temptation to floor it on the improved stretch of the still rather dusty road.

Female passenger Aniiri Michael adds that a cheaper and faster link to Juba is likely to significantly increase the number of people able to make the trip to the capital as expensive air tickets won’t be needed.

The UN peacekeeping mission and a variety of humanitarian actors will obviously also reap the benefits of smoother overland transport options.