UNMISS starts long term patrol to Bentiu town

9 Oct 2015

UNMISS starts long term patrol to Bentiu town

UNMISS recently started long duration patrols to Bentiu town, Unity State to closely assess the security situation and conditions for humanitarians actors to expand their operations.

According to the UN Military Sector North Deputy Commander Col. Adarsha Verma, the joint patrols will also give the integrated teams an opportunity to further monitor human rights and liaise with local authorities to understand changing aspects on the ground.

“UNMISS presence in Bentiu town was thought to be the correct step in this direction (as it will also help to) reassure the local population and in monitoring peaceful transition to normalcy,” said Col. Verma.

He added in addition to the long duration patrols which started on 21 September, the Sector Headquarters were also intending to establish a permanent presence in Bentiu town by setting up a base inside the town.

“Positive results of the patrol activity are already evident with a large population started carrying out ‘business as usual’ in Bentiu town,” he noted.

Col. Verma revealed that the Sector North was also planning to establish patrol bases in southern Unity State in the near future.