UNMISS troops protect humanitarians attacked by angry youths in Jam Jang, South Sudan

27 Apr 2021

UNMISS troops protect humanitarians attacked by angry youths in Jam Jang, South Sudan

Jam Jang, 27 April 2021: Mongolian peacekeepers have acted quickly to protect humanitarian workers who were attacked by angry youths during a demonstration in the remote area of Jam Jang in the Unity region of South Sudan.

On Saturday morning, approximately 50 youth began a violent demonstration about the hiring of workers from outside the local area by a non-governmental organization based in Jam Jang. They stormed the organization’s compound and injured several staff.

As soon as reports of the attack were received, Mongolian troops serving with the United Nations peacekeeping mission in nearby Pariang deployed a quick reaction force to protect the humanitarian workers, prevent further violence, and ensure that those who were injured received medical care.

The peacekeeping team later reinforced their presence with additional troops and are continuing to patrol the area to provide safety and security for humanitarian partners who are working to support communities in desperate need of assistance.

Over the past few years, UNMISS has been engaging with authorities in many parts of the country, including Unity, to deal with increasing demands from local populations that agencies should only hire workers from particular ethnic backgrounds.

The United Nations acknowledges the serious youth unemployment problem in the country due to the dire economic situation and fully supports recruitment practices that are based on competence, professionalism, integrity, and respect for diversity.

The UN supports all efforts to rebuild the economy and create employment opportunities so that young people can reach their full potential and enjoy a much brighter future.

Contact: UNMISS Chief of Communication and Public Information, Francesca Mold at mold2@un.org or unmiss-spokesperson@un.org