UNMISS urges parties to form transitional government

UNMISS urges parties to form transitional government

17 Feb 2020

UNMISS urges parties to form transitional government

The announcement by the Presidency of South Sudan to return to 10 states is an important compromise to enable the timely formation of the transitional government as promised to the citizens of South Sudan.

Under a new transitional government, a process can be initiated so parties can work together to make a collective decision on the appropriate number of states, administrative areas, and demarcation of boundaries.

Compromise is possible when the political will exists. We urge all parties to reach out and embrace each other’s positions so that the peace deal can be fully implemented,” said the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMISS, David Shearer.

“People have been telling me of their mounting disillusionment in the wake of two previous delays to the implementation of the 2018 peace deal.”

“The formation of an inclusive transitional government will inspire greater trust and confidence amongst citizens that the peace process will succeed and that the parties will come together to make decisions collectively.”

“The start of the transitional government will pave the way for elections in three years’ time. This will enable the people of South Sudan to fully participate in the democratic process a right they have been looking forward to exercising since they won independence nine years ago.”

David Shearer said the government’s decision may not be welcome everywhere and could cause short term disruption as local boundaries and administrations are determined.

“It may not be the preferred option of some people. However, they should also recognize it has been done in the spirit of compromise to secure durable peace for the whole country,” he said.