UNMISS warns of threats of mass attacks in Greater Jonglei

21 Dec 2022

UNMISS warns of threats of mass attacks in Greater Jonglei

Juba, 21 December 2022:  The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) is deeply concerned about reported mobilisation of armed Nuer youth in the Greater Jonglei area. Such mobilisations have the potential to trigger violent attacks that can gravely impact the civilian population.

Any such upsurge of conflict will undermine recent peace gains achieved through a rapprochement between the leaders of Jonglei state and the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA).

The Mission appreciates proactive engagements by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan with involved youth leaders to de-escalate hostilities and restore calm.  

While the primary responsibility for protecting civilians lies with the Government, UNMISS continues to deploy all available resources and make every effort to ensure the safety and security of affected populations.

Similar incidents in the past have resulted in the loss of lives, abduction of women and children, displacement of thousands of civilians, and destruction of property.

UNMISS, therefore, calls on leaders of the Lou Nuer and Murle communities to exert positive and constructive influences on their youth groups, encouraging them to embrace dialogue and refrain from using violence as a means of resolving grievances.

Additionally, the Mission urges community leaders to ensure the release of previously abducted women and children, and the return of looted cattle to their rightful owners, to foster reconciliation and respect for fundamental human rights.  

UNMISS stands ready to support Government authorities and respective communities in reducing tensions through dialogue and other peaceful means.

Contact: UNMISS Spokesperson at unmiss-spokesperson@un.org