UNPOL officers from UNMISS train South Sudanese counterparts on crime scene management 

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25 South Sudanese police officers in Northern Bahr El Ghazal were recently trained by UNPOL in proper crime scene management techniques. Photo by Achirin Achirin/UNMISS.

17 Aug 2021

UNPOL officers from UNMISS train South Sudanese counterparts on crime scene management 

Achirin Achirin

25 officers from the South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) in Bar Mayen, Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal, were recently trained on securing crime scenes, writing accurate reports, and investigative skills such as maintaining the chain of evidence.

This intensive course was facilitated over three days by United Nations Police (UNPOL) officers serving with UNMISS.

“We learned that we can only make arrests when we are in possession of a warrant to investigate a case. However, a police officer isn’t meant to decide on the case or treat suspects badly. Only judges and courts have the power to decide on the final outcome of a case,” said Mayom Mat Majok.

During the rainy season, roads leading to Bar Mayem become flooded and inaccessible. This complicates matters for local law enforcement. Lack of proper detention facilities is another issue.

when it rains, we become isolated and it feels like everybody has forgotten about us. We are, therefore, very happy to receive this training from UNMISS. It has not only boosted our morale but also ensured that we are properly equipped to conduct our duties professionally as police,” said Akec Geng Kuol.

pasquale Dumo Ushala, director, Bar Mayen police Station, also commended UNMISS.

the workshop has increased our knowledge and developed our capacities to serve and protect all communities under our jurisdiction,” he stated.

The training sessions included a presentation on the UNMISS mandate, which participants found helpful.

“I used to think UNMISS is a humanitarian organization. But now I know that the mission is here to protect civilians, facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the needy and help sustain efforts towards forging a permanent peace,” said Atong Atuer, one of two women participating in the training. “Awareness of the peacekeeping mission’s mandate will help us build stronger relationships with UNMISS because we all want the same thing—a durable peace for all South Sudanese.”