UNPOL train Warrap police in traffic management

30 Oct 2011

UNPOL train Warrap police in traffic management

27 October 2011 - With traffic rules often lacking in Warrap State, UN Police (UNPOL) have been conducting a traffic management course for 20 South Sudan Police Services (SSPS) officers in the capital Kuajok.

The training, which began on 17 October, has been covering basic topics like traffic rules and signs, road safety awareness, traffic accident investigation and first aid.

Part of UNMISS' mandate is to support the Government of South Sudan in developing its capacity to provide security and establish rule of law. As an emerging nation, drivers in South Sudan are often unlicensed and unqualified, traffic signs absent and rules unenforced.

"We are explaining that one of the police duties is to control the traffic and to show them internationally accepted rules," explained UNPOL Advisor Thomas Chilapala.
Kuajok SSPS Traffic Police Officer Andrea Diing Kuot said he had been a police officer since 2008. "Before I studied at the police academy, so I knew something about traffic ... but (the) UNPOL course was very useful to increase my knowledge on this topic."

He said he had learned how to perform first aid and rescue victims of road accidents.

"We also need technical courses, such as how to use a computer, for example, or how to drive because some traffic police officers cannot do it," Officer Kuot said.
According to UNPOL Deputy State Advisor in Warrap, Gerald Nalikena, the training was planned following a request from the SSPS.

"Most of the police personnel do not know the basics of traffic management (and) that is why we are training them," said Mr. Nalikena.

UNPOL also plan to conduct a training-for-trainers course for SSPS officers, so that they can in future to conduct similar courses for fellow officers, the UNPOL advisor said.

The 20 students will graduate on 28 October.