UNPOL training inspires and educates officials in Tonj

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Lots of practical exercises were included in the training UN police officers recently gave their South Sudanese colleagues in Tonj.

12 Nov 2019

UNPOL training inspires and educates officials in Tonj

Manyang Mayom

Spurred by a concern over the lack of court infrastructure and judicial services in the greater Tonj area, United Nations Police (UNPOL) peacekeepers in Kuajok this week lead a two-day workshop on capacity-building related to criminal investigation proceedings and protection of human rights for local law enforcement personnel and others.  

“Part of our job is to provide training to our counterparts working in national civilian protection organs such as the police or fire brigade, including on how to investigate human rights abuses and gender-based violence,” said William Ayaregah, a UN police officer based in Kuajok.

Despite the presence of a high court in Tonj and Maloudit, law enforcement officials said that they don’t have enough judges to keep up with the large number of crimes being reported. This state of affairs inevitably leads to delays in the exacting of justice.

“Currently we are facing about six rape cases, five murder cases, and 20 cases of theft, with just one member of the special court assisting us,” said Second Lieutenant Bona Bak in Warrap County, who advocates for increased judicial services.            

It was clear that efforts had paid off after the workshop, as participants exuded a renewed level of confidence.

“I am very happy with what I have learned during this training. I feel I am now much better equipped for my job,” said Moses Ayien.