Women police officers from South Sudan join hands with UNPOL to walk for peace in Aweil

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More than 100 women police officers in Aweil joined UNPOL officers serving with UNMISS to walk for peace and inspire young South Sudanese to join the South Sudan Police Service. Photo by Deng Mou/UNMISS.

23 Jul 2021

Women police officers from South Sudan join hands with UNPOL to walk for peace in Aweil

Deng Mou

Some 100 women police officers embarked on a walk through the streets of Aweil in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, joined by their counterparts from the United Nations Police (UNPOL) serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

The main aim: Building confidence and inspiring young people, especially women, to join the South Sudan National Police Service.

Private Karima Abdalla, a police officer, called on young girls to aspire to joining the country’s police forces and serve local communities. 

“People speak about the 35 per cent in politics. However, this affirmative action extends to all aspects of women’s participation in forging a peaceful, prosperous future for our country,” averred Karima. “Law and order is essential if we are going to stop neverending cycles of conflict and criminality. If they become police officers, young women have the chance to genuinely carve out a path for sustainable peace in our beautiful country.”

For her part, Valeria Tusiime, UNPOL officer, agrees with Karima. 

“Women can do whatever they put their minds to. It’s just a matter of building their confidence in themselves and ensuring that they have every support they need to become leaders and influencers within their communities,” she stated.

 “This walk is a demonstration of how women in policing are role models for future generations are. We want to inspire young women and young men to join the South Sudan National Police Service so that they can be fully involved in building up a crime-free country where justice is available to everybody,” she added.

UNPOL officers across all United Nations peace operations work closely with local policing counterparts to build capacities in crime prevention, upholding the rights and dignities of prisoners, raising awareness on internationally accepted investigative techniques and ensuring gender mainstreaming among uniformed personnel, plus numerous other law enforcement issues.