Chinese Engineers renovate Wau school yard

26 Feb 2014

Chinese Engineers renovate Wau school yard

26 February 2014 - Creating a safer environment for students at Auxilium School in the Western Bahr El-Ghazal capital Wau, UNMISS Chinese peacekeepers renovated their school yard this week.

When the school was expanded a few years ago, the yard was left littered with many stones and bricks. Students constantly tripped over them and sustained injuries.

Concerned school authorities asked the Chinese Engineering Company to help solve the problem ahead of the start of the new school session.

“In order to (provide the students) with a new and (more) secure environment, we spent one week renovating the schoolyard,” said Lt. Col. Yu Zigang, commander of the engineering company.

The peacekeepers removed three dumpsters of garbage and stones from the yard. Next, they delivered 40 trucks of murram (clay earth), then cleared and compacted 2,400 square metres of ground.

“Our students and their parents are very happy with the changes,” said Sister Antonieta Engracia, principal of the primary school, which has a total of 1,200 students. “You can hardly see any stones or bricks. We will (not) worry about students getting hurt.”

Lt. Col. Yu said the contingent was also planning to donate stationery and sports items to the school.

“Since children are the future of the country, we pay great attention to their education just as … we do in our own country,” he said.