UNMISS hands over resource centres in Eastern Equatoria

27 Feb 2014

UNMISS hands over resource centres in Eastern Equatoria

25 February 2014 - UNMISS handed over two newly built and furnished resource centres today to communities in Kapoeta South and Magwi counties in Eastern Equatoria State.

The facilities -- each costing $300,000 -- were built with funds from Norway and the Netherlands.

The chief of UNMISS Reintegration Recovery and Peacebuilding (RRP) section, Derk Segaar, handed the keys to local authorities at ceremonies in Kapoeta and Nimule.

“In the middle of this big crisis that South Sudan is facing right now, these are just small contributions for peacebuilding here in Eastern Equatoria State,” Mr. Segaar said.

He said the centres would be used by youth, women, traditional authorities, non-governmental organizations and UN agencies to meet and resolve local issues.

The Kapoeta South facility has two offices, an internet cafe, conference hall, solar panel equipment, furniture and latrine.

The resource centre in Nimule consists of a conference hall, internet cafe/ICT centre, women's skills training center, solar panel system, furniture and latrine.

Nimule youth leader Onyango Galdin said the facility would “help sustain peace and unity among young people through information sharing and dialogue”.

As part of its Quick Impact Projects, UNMISS also handed over a police detention facility for female and juvenile detainees in Kapoeta South, and classroom blocks for Ofrika and Jelei primary schools in Magwi County.

Eastern Equatoria State Police Commissioner Henry Dranima said the new building would help the South Sudan National Police Service ensure appropriate detention conditions for women and children. He promised to provide furniture for the building.