Communities to compensate deaths with cattle

3 Apr 2013

Communities to compensate deaths with cattle

1April 2013 - Concluding a peace conference in Rumbek today, members of the Kuei and Rup communities agreed to pay compensation for lives lost on both sides in fighting between rival youths.

In two key resolutions adopted, participants agreed to compensate relatives of the deceased with their best cattle and treat those who triggered the violence as criminals.

Compensation for a person killed in cold blood would be 51 head of cattle, and in face-to-face fighting 31. No detention or fines would be imposed.

Clashes between rival youths in the area claimed over 98 lives between November 2012 and January 2013.

Both chiefs and youths swore their allegiance to the resolutions and slaughtered bulls to show commitment to the agreement.

The government promised to strictly monitor the peace initiative, which will be supervised by county authorities, to ensure resolutions are implemented in the best interests of communities.

Peace Committee Chairman Makoi Bol Kodi called on chiefs of both communities to identify people killed so that immediate compensation could occur.

Attending the conference were 18 executive chiefs, parliamentarians, Lakes Peace Committee representatives, government officials, and the Rumbek Central County Commissioner.

UNMISS monitored the peace conference and assisted with logistics, including transport.