Community policing the focus as UNMISS trains police in Bor

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A three-day community policing workshop facilitated by an UNMISS UNPOL team took place in Jonglei State, building the capacity of police officers in South Sudan. Photo by Angellah Mandoreba/UNMISS.

21 Dec 2023

Community policing the focus as UNMISS trains police in Bor

Angellah Mandoreba

JONGLEI – With elections set to be held in just a year’s time, upholding the rule of law will be key to building and maintaining enduring peace. For this reason, and in line with its mandate, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) continues to build the capacity of different actors in the justice system, not least the country’s police force.

A recent example of this is a three-day workshop in Bor organized by UN Police (UNPOL) for a total of 40 South Sudanese colleagues, half of whom were female officers. The broad-ranging training included community-centered policing, crime investigation techniques, and ways to make sure that human rights are respected at all times.

“Before participating in this training, I kind of handled cases in a random manner. Now I have learnt how to be methodic by applying the ‘Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment’ model used by UNPOL,” said Colonel Deng Nhial Yuang Nyieth, who hopes the new approach will boost safety and security.

All participants agreed on the importance of cooperation between police officers and the citizens they are expected to protect and assist.

“Ensuring peace and security is a collective responsibility, and community policing is a good way of building the trust needed to increase collaboration and reduce crime rates,” said Adut Kwang Deng, who also attended the training.

Similar workshops have been conducted across Greater Pibor Administrative Area, with police officers in Akobo County set to benefit next.