Youth in Lakes graduate from UNMISS-funded vocational training

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Knowing how to perform basic computer maintenance and how to repair mobile phones are marketable skills learnt by 25 young men and women in Lakes during an UNMISS-funded vocational training. Photo by James Mawien Manyuol/UNMISS.

21 Dec 2023

Youth in Lakes graduate from UNMISS-funded vocational training

James Mawien Manyuol/Filip Andersson

LAKES – A bright future sometimes begins with acquiring the skills needed to generate a sustainable income. In Rumbek, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) recently decided to improve the prospects of 25 young women and men by funding a three-month-long training on basic computer maintenance and mobile phone repairs.

“What we learn today is the steppingstone for a better future. By making the most of our new skills we can set a positive example for people in our community,” said Bakita Anger, who was very pleased with her learning opportunity.

The training was conducted by the staff of the St. Peter Calver Computer and Ecological Centre in Rumbek.

“To offer the youth a chance to develop valuable competence is to help them make a living and build a career,” said Brother Lucas Filipo, Director of the Centre.

Peter Chol Silas, another trainee, appreciated the hands-on nature of the course.

“The practical skills that the training sessions have taught us will no doubt make the lives of ourselves and those around us both better and easier,” he believed.

As pointed out by speakers at the graduation ceremony, acquiring new knowledge, is, however, just the first step.

“It is now your responsibility to make the most possible use of what you have learnt and of the startup toolkits you have been given. Be creative and keep developing your expertise,” said Athian Majok, a representative of the state’s Ministry of General Education and Instruction.

Kwame Dwamena Aboagye, Head of the peacekeeping mission’s Field Office in Rumbek, also shared words of wisdom with the proud students.

“Persistence is the way to build a good future. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight, but with dedication you will manage to reach your full potential.”