Music for Peace Campaign

Local musicians performing at a cultural event.

Local musicians performing at a cultural event in the POC in Juba. Photo: UNMISS/JC Mcilwaine

18 Aug 2016

Music for Peace Campaign

Patricia Okoed

A ‘Music for Peace Competition’ opens this in Juba afternoon.  The competition is part of a 10 day peace activism campaign that was launched by Civil Society yesterday.   The initiative is aimed at using the power of music to bridge gaps and forge peace.  The campaign will feature a song composed by Joyce Maker and James Sekawa, two South Sudanese artists looking to use music to bring peace and reconciliation.  Speaking on Miraya Breakfast show, Maker said the song titled ‘Ana Taban’ translated as ‘We are tired’ is part of a broader campaign.


CE-18 August 2016-Joyce Maker

“Ana Taban is a campaign which was founded by a community of young creative South Sudanese who are tired of seeing our people suffer.  We basically want to mobilize and engage people in the communities on the issues that are affecting them.  So this campaign is open to anyone who has the same aims and respects our values so that we create awareness together and use art to bring peace and show solidarity.  We also have the aim of healing trauma and promoting peaceful coexistence in South Sudan to a longer period of time – to the next generation.”