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UNMISS court rule of law Quick Impact Project Maper local partners peacekeeping peacekeepers Northern Bahr el Ghazal South Sudan

On 27 August 2020, UNMISS handed over a courthouse constructed under its Quick Impact Projects programme to authorities in Maper, Northern Bahr el Ghazal. The project was implemented by local partner, Support for Peace, Education and Development Project (SPEDP).

UNMISS South Sudan Peacekeepers Romich Village Air Patrol Violence SSPDF Armed Youth Peacekeeping

A team of peacekeepers serving with UNMISS arrived in Romich village on an air patrol to assess the security situation after several previous attempts to get there by road were thwarted by heavy flooding.This is the scene that greeted them a week after heavy fighting broke out between members of the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces and armed youth.

relief reintegration and protection education UNMISS South Sudan displaced persons IDPs Unity State Mayom Quick Impact Projects peacekeepers peacekeeping CHIDDO

UNMISS, through a Quick Impact Project, has made it possible for students in Mayom, Unity State, to access education by handing over a fully renovated primary school. The project was actioned by the mission’s Relief, Reintegration and Protection section jointly with local implementing partner, Child’s Destiny and Development Organisation.