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unmiss south sudan eastern equatoria state magwi county herders farmers intercommunal conflict violence displacement

Tensions remain in Magwi County after recent clashes between cattle herders and farmers. UNMISS is assisting in finding sustainable solutions. Photos: Moses Yakudu/UNMISS

UNMISS united nations peacekeepers lakes rumbek south sudan quick impact project crime criminality rule of law justice

An UNMISS Quick Impact Project - a full renovation and furnishing of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Rumbek - has not only boosted rule of law but given hope to many community members as they seek justice for crimes committed against them. Photo by Nina Zubovic Vignjevic/UNMISS.

unmiss south sudan jonglei rule of law capacity building bor parliament legislative assembly united nations un peacekeeping peacekeepers elections

Some 100 new members of parliament in Jonglei, South Sudan, participated in an interactive discussion, facilitated by UNMISS and CEPO, on their roles and responsibilities towards communities as well as in pushing forward the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement to ensure a more peaceful, prosperous future. Photo by Mach Samuel/UNMISS

unmiss press conference Nicholas Haysom peace revitalized peace agreement juba south sudan

As a mere 8 months remain of the ongoing transitional period in South Sudan, the need for implementing key benchmarks contained within the 2018 Peace Agreement so that credible elections can be held on time was the focus of the Secretary-General's Special Representative Nicholas Haysom's press briefing in Juba today. Photo by Isaac Billy/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan conflict-related sexual violence women peace security united nations un peacekeeping peacekeepers

Football, cultural performances, and a commitment to ending conflict-related sexual violence - these were the main themes of an UNMISS-organized event in Morobo, Central Equatoria. Photo by Taban Geofrey Koma/UNMISS

unmiss rule of law human rights cattle migration herders farmers warrap western bahr el ghazal south sudan conflict mobile court

The third deployment of a joint special mobile court in Gette, Western Bahr El Ghazal, sought to marry traditional justice systems with the formal legal mechanisms in South Sudan to resolve disputes between farmers and livestock herders. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS

unmiss human rights upper nile women children security prisons rights

A recent UNMISS workshop for 30 prisons officers in Renk, Upper Nile, sought to build capacities on human rights standards as well as uphold the rule of law. Photo by Samuel Adwok/UNMISS

unmiss skills vocational training protection of civilians mangateen juba south sudan united nation peacekeeping peacekeepers donors self-reliance

Building self-reliance through teaching income-generating skills: That's the leitmotif of an UNMISS-funded training activity for displaced persons in Mangateen,South Sudan. 45 young people are learning to bake, sew, make soap and eventually become small business owners. Photo by James Sokiri/UNMISS