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UNMISS Lakes human rights rule of law police SSPDF justice courts

A monthly forum organized by UNMISS in Lakes state, South Sudan, brings together local police, security actors, representatives from different courts, women and youth to deliberate on upholding the human rights of all citizens and enhancing rule of law. Photo by James Mawien Manyuol/UNMISS

UNMISS protection of civilians Warrap Abyei border clashes conflict displaced OCHA

Sixteen people have been killed while some 50,000 others have been displaced following a recent conflict between the communities of Twic county in Warrap, South Sudan, with their neighbours across the border in the Abyei Special Administrative Region. An assessment team from UNMISS visited Turalei to evaluate immediate security needs and reduce tensions. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS.

UNMISS South Sudan Gender Equality Juba UNPOL Youth Peace Women Security

100 students and teachers participated in an interactive workshop in Juba supported by UNMISS UNPOL on challenging gender stereotypes and promoting the rights of girls to education as well as economic empowerment. Photo by James Sokiri/UNMISS

unmiss child protection child rights peace peacekeeping south sudan peacekeepers warrap kuajok

120 South Sudanese military personnel received a comprehensive training facilitated by UNMISS on protecting child rights as well as their obligation to adhere to the Comprehensive Action Plan on ending all violations against children, which was signed in February 2020. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS

UNMISS south sudan upper nile malakal girls women science awareness India peacekeepers peacekeeping gender equality

Indian peacekeepers serving with UNMISS in Malakal recently held an outreach activity for 55 young students from Bandar Primary School. The focus was encouraging young girls to contemplate careers in fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics, plus ensuring they stay motivated to complete their education. Photo by Samuel Adwok/UNMISS

unmiss protection of civilians western equatoria conflict intercommunal clashes armed attacks south sudan orphans handover

Sister Bianka Bii Musungu has dedicated 61 years of her life to providing shelter to orphans in the Greater Tambura region, which has recently been devastated by an upsurge of conflict. South Sudanese staff working with UNMISS, therefore, handed over much-needed clothes, food and other sundry items to support the 75 orphans currently housed in the Bhakita Orphanage. Photo by Denis Louro/UNMISS.

unmiss protection of civilians Warrap Tonj cattle raids intercommunal clashes peace peace agreement south sudan

In a landmark conference supported by UNMISS, 11 feuding communities in conflict-torn Tonj North, Warrap have signed agreements to stop senseless conflict, and instead resolve disputes amicably within established justice frameworks. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS

UNMISS south sudan South Korea road repairs infrastructure jonglei protection of civilians pibor peacekeepers peacekeeping united nations

UNMISS peacekeepers from South Korea recently repaired a 183-kilometer stretch of road connecting the Greater Pibor Administrative Area to Jonglei. Photo by Mach Samuel/UNMISS.

UNMISS reintegration returnees voluntary returns Kodok South Sudan peace process Protection of Civilians displaced people refugees IDPs fashoda

A two-day workshop facilitated by UNMISS in Kodok, South Sudan, brought together all stakeholders to convene and connect on arriving at recommendations to support newly-returned refugees reintegrate into society and rebuild their lives. Photo by Ines Surwumwe/UNMISS.

UNMISS road rehabilitation repairs malakal protection of civilians south sudan peacekeepers Indian UN Peacekeeping

Blue Helmets from India have rehabilitated a five-kilometer stretch connecting Malakal town in Upper Nile state to the airport, thereby ensuring that trade continues, humanitarian assistance remains unhampered and communities have access to healthcare and police services. Photo by Nyang Touch/UNMISS