Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers elections constitution peace process progress flamingoes families

UNMISS with partners organized a public gathering in Terekeka to raise awareness on the peace process, scheduled to culminate in free and fair elections at the end of next year. Photo: Blessings Samuel Phumisa/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan ruweng pariang peacekeepers humanitarians refugees returnees fun-run

Peacekeepers, humanitarians, locals, returning refugees, men, women, children - everyone had a brilliant time when UNMISS organized a fun-run in Pariang. Photos by Peter Bateman/UNMISS.

Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers elections constitution civil society civic education training democracy

Representatives from civil society organizations in Upper Nile state in an UNMISS workshop raising awareness about the process leading up to scheduled elections. Photo by Samson Liberty/UNMISS.

unmiss south sudan srsg pramila patten minister of gender child protection sexual violence in conflict prevention accountability impunity legal framework holistic response funding

Pramila Patten, Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, had much to discuss with South Sudan's Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare and other stakeholders. Photos: Gregorio Cunha/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan western bahr el ghazal agriculture cimic food security seeds skills bangladesh peacekeepers

Having seeds without the expertise on how to sow them is no good, which is why Bangladeshi peacekeepers provided female farmers in Jur River County with both. Photos: Roseline Nzelle Nkwelle/UNMISS