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Charging customers' phones by using UNMISS-funded solar panels help peace committees in Lakes buy fuel for motorbikes, also handed over by the peacekeeping mission. Photos: Nina Zubovic Vignjevic/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan unity state floods cattle veterinary services ghana peacekeepers

So far, more than 1,700 cows, sheep and goats in southern Unity have received medical care from veterinary UNMISS peacekeepers from Ghana. Photos: Roseline Nzelle Nkwelle/UNMISS

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Despite living a mere 42 kilometers from South Sudan's capital, communities in Kuda knew little about their rights, plagued as they were with cattle raids, conflict and a lack of access to necessary services. Thanks to an UNMISS-led training, 61 residents have actively gained necessary knowledge on their human rights, plus come up with innovative solutions to ameliorate their problems. Photo by Blessings Phumisa/UNMISS

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Two peace rallies in Akobo and Pibor, South Sudan, came up with a unified vision for a peaceful, prosperous nation - using vocational training to build youth skills, collectively upholding the rule of law and ensuring community engagements to build reconciliation. Photo by Blessings Phumisa/UNMISS

UNMISS Pakistan floods climate change bentiu south sudan united nations un peacekeeping peacekeepers

In Bentiu, South Sudan, two years of incessant floods have created a climate crisis like no other this young nation has seen before. However, UNMISS engineers from Pakistan continue to mount an extraordinary response to save lives, sustain livelihoods and protect civilians. Photo by Gregorio Cunha/UNMISS

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Some 50 officers from the South Sudan National Police Service took part in a training on upholding human rights, especially those of suspected offenders, during a workshop led by UNMISS in Torit.

Photos by Moses Yakudu/UNMISS