People with eye problems receive medication and reading glasses in Wau

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Bangladeshi peacekeepers in Wau have been helping hundreds of people suffering from eye ailments and/or poor vision.

13 Oct 2020

People with eye problems receive medication and reading glasses in Wau

Michael Wondi

More than three hundred people suffering from eye problems in Wau have received medication and been offered reading glasses. The temporary eye health clinic was installed at the town’s teaching hospital and conducted by Bangladeshi peacekeepers serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

“I have had poor vision for more than ten years, and the glasses I were using were damaged,” says Helen Michael, one of the beneficiaries. She was given an ointment for her eyes and a pair of new glasses.

Ointments, reading glasses and vitamins were all handed out by the Bangladeshi medical team. They were supported by the hospital’s medical assistant, who executed the necessary treatments.

“A much larger number of citizens across Western Bahr El Ghazal State suffer from different eye ailments. It would be great to reach out to all of them,” comments the medical assistant, who praised the peacekeeping mission’s initiative.

Some of the patients being helped came from faraway places, having heard about upcoming activity.

“I came to Wau two days ago from Raja County, and now I have been given a very helpful eye ointment,” says a content Adam Musa, who calls for the government and its partners to carry out research on why such a high proportion of the population of his county are visually impaired to make it possible to address the root causes.

Dr. Otim Peter, acting medical director at the Wau Teaching Hospital, reiterated the need for more assistance.

“We lack the necessary medications for these sorts of ailments and would like these peacekeepers to organize a second campaign like this to reach patients across our state,” he said.

Dr. Otim may very well have his way. Lieutenant Colonel Morshad Monjur, part of the Bangladeshi military contingent based in Wau, says that a second similar session is being planned.

“This was a great start. We have managed to help almost 350 people, and hopefully there will be more to come.”